As the clock ticks down towards my 54th birthday, I must confess that while I have written white papers, speeches, articles, manifestos, strategic plans, sales scripts, prayers, and the occasional bad joke, this is my very first blog post.

Typing on keyboard

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Whether it’s on “old school” or “new school” mediums, the power to stand up on a soap box and speak your mind is as American as baseball and apple pie. Today the soap box looks more like a voice activated, Bluetooth-linked, texting device that also tweets, posts and video Skypes.

In this device-driven world, we are driven by hype about the latest technology and data — from programmatic media buying to predictive technology and personal data we have compiled on every living being on the planet. New technology and information excites us at every turn!

Despite all of this, let’s never forget that there is still nothing more powerful than the human connection. The RELATIONSHIP! Consider putting your device down today, jump in a hybrid car, ultra high speed train or a supersonic jet, and get some human-to-human contact. I’m ready to schedule our next meeting on my Smart TV calendar.

Greg Griffin

Executive Vice President of Agency Relations and Partner at LION Digital Media
Greg joined LION in 2009 and strives each day to make customers happy. He works out of Denver, Co.

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