So, you’ve created an amazing advertising campaign with unique and eye-popping creative. Your call-to-action grabs your customers’ attention. The result is a top-performing click-through rate (CTR). Great! Now what?

What happens when your customers click through to your website? Rather than focusing solely on click-through rates, it’s key to convert these clickers into customers. That starts with an effective landing page. But what makes a great landing page?

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Be Specific and Relevant to Your Ad

The most effective landing pages are specifically tailored to coordinate with the ad. This ensures a clicking consumer knows they’ve reached the intended destination. If they’ve clicked through to buy a blue dress, you may lose that consumer immediately if they see red parachute pants instead. Clicking through to what’s expected generates trust.

It’s Easy to Read and Designed

Take the perspective of your consumer: what more do they need to know after seeing your ad? This is what you need to provide on your landing page. Chunk the information into short paragraphs and write in simple, user-friendly language.

Have a Single Purpose

You’ve (hopefully) created your digital advertising campaign with a key purpose and goal. Be sure that your landing page reinforces that purpose. It’s easy for your clicking consumer to be distracted by something else and wander off without completing your intended action. Every element on the landing page should be aligned to your ad’s goal and messaging.

Make Your Call-to-Action Easy to Find

Include your call-to-action (CTA) again, above the fold. Use directional cues and contrast in your layout, such as a bold color choice or photos of people looking in the direction of your CTA.

Use Relevant, Coordinating and High-Quality Imagery

Be sure that your landing page looks inviting, professional and engaging by using high-quality imagery. It’s best if your imagery ties into your ad’s imagery closely.

Be Mobile-Friendly

This is particularly important if you’re running a mobile or tablet campaign! Don’t frustrate your mobile clicking consumer by leaving them out to dry. If your website isn’t mobile-ready, be sure that your landing page is. If needed, provide a different landing page for mobile devices.

Check and Reduce Page Loading Time

Nothing increases your bounce rate more than a slow-loading landing page. Optimize your images, minify CSS and other code, and minimize redirects. Use Google’s tips for decreasing load times for additional ideas and help.


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